5 Reasons to Date a Bookworm (And How to Get Them to Put the Book Down for a Date)

If you’ve ever met someone who is constantly lost in a book, you may have come across a bookworm. These are individuals who are passionate about reading and often spend a large amount of their time lost in the pages of their favorite novels. While some may view them as being too absorbed in their own worlds, there are actually many benefits to dating a bookworm.

Reason 1: Intelligence

One of the most obvious benefits of dating a bookworm is their intelligence. Being well-read and knowledgeable on a variety of topics can make for stimulating conversations and debates. Bookworms have likely spent a lot of time learning and expanding their minds, which can be attractive qualities in a partner.

Reason 2: Empathy and understanding

In addition to intelligence, reading can also cultivate empathy and understanding.
By seeing the world through the eyes of different characters and experiencing their thoughts and emotions, bookworms may be more open-minded and understanding in their relationships.
This can lead to a greater sense of connection and the ability to effectively communicate and relate to one another.

Reason 3: Shared interests and passions

Reading allows for the exploration of personal interests and passions, and being with a bookworm may allow for the discovery of new shared interests. Whether it’s a specific genre or author, finding common ground through literature can be a bonding experience.

Reason 4: Imagination and creativity

Reason 4: Imagination and creativity

Along with personal interests, reading also fosters imagination and creativity. Bookworms may bring a unique and creative perspective to relationships, offering new ideas and ways of thinking. This can be especially enjoyable for those who value and appreciate imagination and outside-the-box thinking.

Reason 5: Relaxation and solitude

For some, reading is a relaxing and solitary activity that allows for a sense of peace and solitude. Being with a bookworm may allow for peaceful and restful moments together, providing a sense of balance in a relationship.

How to get a bookworm to put the book down for a date

Make the date activity engaging and exciting

Choose an activity that will hold their attention and offer a new experience

One way to make the date exciting is to choose an activity that is out of the ordinary or that they haven’t tried before. For example, you could try an escape room, go rock climbing, or take a hot air balloon ride. The idea is to choose something that will capture their interest and make for a memorable outing.

Surprising them with tickets to an event or show could be another way to make the date exciting. This could be tickets to a concert, play, or sporting event. The element of surprise can add to the excitement and make for a special date.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with unique date ideas. This could be something like a wine tasting, painting class, or cooking lesson. These types of activities allow for creativity and provide a different experience than the typical dinner and a movie date.

Show interest in their reading and literature

Asking about their favorite books and authors and engaging in a discussion about literature is a great way to show interest in their reading habits. This demonstrates that you value their interests and are willing to engage with them on an intellectual level.

Suggesting to read a book together and discuss it as a couple can be a fun and intellectually stimulating activity to do together. This allows for the opportunity to learn from and discuss the book with each other, and can be a great way to connect and bond.

Looking for reading-related events or activities in your area and suggesting to attend them together is another way to show interest in their reading and literature. This could be a book club, author reading, or literary festival. These types of events can be a great way to discover new authors and literature, and can make for a unique and enjoyable date.

Plan the date around a shared interest or activity

Finding something that you both enjoy doing and planning the date around that is a great way to ensure that the activity will be enjoyable for both of you. This could be a hobby, sport, or other activity that you can do together. For example, if you both enjoy hiking, you could plan a hike as your date activity. Or if you both enjoy cooking, you could take a cooking class together.

Consider doing something that allows for relaxation and solitude, similar to the experience of reading. For example, a hike in nature or a yoga class could be a peaceful and enjoyable outing. These types of activities can provide a sense of calm and allow for quality time together.

Respect their love of reading

Respect their love of reading

Recognizing and appreciating their passion for reading and literature is important in maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship. Avoid trying to change their love of reading or criticizing their reading habits. Instead, show support for their interests and encourage a balance in their time spent with books and with you.

One way to encourage balance is to suggest setting aside specific times for reading and for spending time together as a couple. This allows for both activities to be prioritized and ensures that there is quality time dedicated to both interests.


Overall, dating a bookworm can bring many benefits and can be a rewarding and enriching experience. While they may have a love of reading, there are plenty of ways to have a successful and enjoyable date with a bookworm by engaging in shared interests and finding a balance between their love of literature and time spent together.

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